Japanese Atlantis



Illustration based on Plato’s description of Atlantis.

Numerous stories in the past have reported on what appear to be ruins of a submerged city in the Okinawan island chain. Reuters dredges up more news about it in an interview with Professor Masaaki Kimura of Ryukyu University. The video footage and shots of the ruins weren’t as good or exciting as I had expected, and the evidence could be more compelling. Especially with the absence of findings like tools or other evidence of human habitation, you need the formations to really look manmade or your claims will be received with a lot of skepticism. That’s exactly the problem Prof. Kimura is having.


Yonaguni Ruins?

Yonaguni sea bed formations.

There’s also a wikipedia entry about the underwater formations at Yonaguni which suggests the area may have been above sea-level during the ice age when sea levels dropped by as much as 400 feet. Speaking of flooding of coastal areas, this site compiles stories of worldwide floods from folklore, myths, and other sources.

The formation, it says, may fit into the legend of Mu, Atlantis, or other popular theories of lost continents, which the theory of plate tectonics later disapproved but remain culturally powerful sources of inspiration.


One Response to “Japanese Atlantis”

  1. Congratulations. I believe the professor has discovered one of the many submerged super-cities that existed as contemporaries to the Atlantic Atlantis. From my studies, I believe there was a worldwide network of commerce prior to the meltdown of the North American glacier and the cataclysm that accompanied it. Although most archaeologists and historians refuse to acknowledge the fact, there existed a very sofisticated global communication and trade between various very advanced cultures. The South China Sea had not submerged at that time and neither was the Mediterranean connected to the Atlantic. Mu was a part of the Indonesia Archepelgo whose islands now were mountain tops overlooking vast tracts of fertile farming land. More information can be had at my website in my developing book “The Eve of Destruction” (free for the reading).

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