A New Twist on Whale Watching


killed whaleThis is according to the Mainichi Shimbun:

“Whale watching tourists encountered hunters in waters off northern Japan and witnessed the bloody killing of a Baird’s Beaked Whale, a report said Saturday. Some 20 tourists on board the whale-watching ship Evergreen, some of them foreigners, witnessed the hunt Friday morning off the eastern coast of Hokkaido island, touching Okhotsk Sea.

The crew on Evergreen initially noticed a whaling ship and sprays from a whale’s blowhole in waters about 3.5 kilometres (roughly 2.2 miles) away from them.

When Evergreen approached within about 100 metres (330 feet) of the whaling ship, the tourists saw a harpoon shot into a Baird’s Beaked Whale, according to the guide.

Two other whale watching ships were also in the area, and the hunt sickened a few tourists and shocked children, the guide claimed.

Meanwhile, the whaling ship has asked local authorities to warn tourism vessels that they have been getting too close to the whaling ship and operating dangerously.”

Wait a minute… Dangerous?! Wasn’t the whaling ship operating dangerously? Seems like a ship armed with grenade-tipped harpoons poses more of a threat than a whale-watching vessel filled with tourists armed with binoculars!

And aren’t there better ways to make a decent days living than off cruelty? Whales? Can’t they find something better to do for a living? I mean, is there really a market for Baird’s Beaked Whale meat anyway? Yuck.


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