Muji in NYC!


Muji’s famous “cardboard” speakers.

Japanese design superstore Muji, following in the footsteps of UNIQLO, finally opened its first US store in New York City, right on Broadway in Soho. Before you could only buy crappy and overpriced stationery in the basement of the Soho MOMA Design Store, and despite Muji having stores in other countries like the UK, Italy, and France, America languished Muji-less. Wait no longer! It has arrived.

I still haven’t been, but it just opened November 25th, so this weekend I will go check it out and report back. I hope it’s as good as the real Japanese stores, but I have a feeling it will be less selection with higher prices.

UNIQLO has made a nice transition to the US, but not sure if Muji can also pull it off. For Muji stuff, go to its website. I used to like their clothes a lot, and their household stuff is cool too. I got my jacket there, which I’ve worn for years. Their furniture looks cool too. In Tokyo, the stores even have a cafe! For those who don’t know, it’s kind of like a Japanese IKEA, if IKEA were better.


I went to Muji in Soho on Saturday, and as my friend below can attest, the prices are a little exorbitant.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the prices in yen weren’t still attached, but they are and you are easily convert in your head to figure out that most of the prices are 30-40% above the Japanese store price.   Yikes.

It wouldn’t be so bad either if they did what UNIQLO had done and opened a giant, 3-story store, but the first floor-only space is on the small side, and the prices don’t draw you in. Overall, I felt they’d bungled opening their blitz with a wimpy, small, and overpriced store.

There’s no Muji cafe, none of the snacks, and fewer of the clothese, furniture, and household goods.  So, alas, unless it’s a Muji emergency, I’ll probably leave my Muji shopping ’til when I get to Japan.  For the rest of the American public who don’t often visit Japan, Muji will remain a luxury store probably.


One Response to “Muji in NYC!”

  1. 1 L

    as expected too small and expensive! they really shouldn’t leave the prices in yen on the labels as foreign exchange rates are easily available. but it was nice to look. sigh.

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