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Shimaoka Tatsuzo died at the age of 88.  The New York Times had his obituary.  He was designated a national living treasure by the Japanese government in 1996.  A potter heavily influenced by the mingei or folk arts movement, it was a visit to the Japan Folk Crafts Museum in 1938 that inspired him to […]

Kogyaru Moms?!


Typical gyarus in Shibuya. An interesting article in the Japan Times writes about what happens to kogyaru (or sometimes kogal) after the party ends– basically when they become mothers.  Not surprisingly, the picture isn’t pretty. If you’re wondering what a kogyaru is, see this Wikipedia article exhaustively discussing this interesting Japanese subculture.  You can also […]

A Japanese Destroyer, the Kongou, successfully destroyed a missile in space from a testing ground off Hawaii on the 17th, during a test of antiballistic systems jointly conducted with the US. It’s the first time a US ally has used the technology to destroy a missle and marks a major step forward for the US […] had this news video about a 5 year old boy who killed a 445lb. bear while hunting with his grandfather.  And no, not with his bare hands as I had hoped, but with, of course, a gun. Yeehaw!  Nothing says “fun” like killing animals with your grandson and teaching him to be a man…  […]

Scan of Japanese menu courtesy and Google image search. has a funny article (with pic and video) of the new winter special pizza by Domino’s in Japan. Although some were commenting on how gross it looked, I got used to strange Japanese pizza (tuna, mayonaise, and corn) and came to love it. Now, […]