Bear v. Boy With Gun

11Dec07 had this news video about a 5 year old boy who killed a 445lb. bear while hunting with his grandfather.  And no, not with his bare hands as I had hoped, but with, of course, a gun.

Yeehaw!  Nothing says “fun” like killing animals with your grandson and teaching him to be a man…  Check it out here:

How something like this can be a sport and fun to me is unclear.  For me, sports are games in which you and your opponent are evenly matched, but unless you arm the bear, it’s no contest here.  Even more ridiculous are these fat old men who go off into the woods all decked-out in camouflage to hunt with automatic guns.  I mean, the animal has no chance.  Can we please get beyond the trappings of the hunter-gatherer part of our history as a species and move on to better and more humane times?  Please?

Another disgusting phenomenon is the growth of cottage industries in Alaska, Canada, and other places of guides based on killing large game.  Hunting businesses guaranteeing you “get your animal” bring in rich city-slickers for faux-hunting trips.  They basically take the paying customers right to the bear (or other large game), where after that it’s a matter of putting your finger on the trigger.

And finally, perhaps the most morally repugnant is the safari park hunts, where a company stocks a large number of exotic animals on its fenced-in land, and paying customers come to simply shoot and pick off the animals.  Again, the animals have no chance.  They are simply objects, waiting to be killed for the fleeting adrenalin rush it gives these rich, thrill-seekers.  It’d be different if the hunting  where somehow necessary for our survival as a species, but it’s not.  This is pure, gratuitous destruction of other living creatures and it’s disgusting to watch as a thinking and feeling human being.

Hopefully, younger generations will leave behind this kind of tradition as a thing of the past, and in 50 years or so, these hunts will be more and more unusual.


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