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Playing on Fire


Yamashita Yosuke playing at a beach in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. Yamashita Yosuke, a Japanese pianist, recently played an event featuring a piano on fire, on the beach.  He played for 10 minutes until the piano fell silent. The idea and images were beautiful.  Check it out here. Advertisements

Miriam Silverberg, whose new book,  Erotic Grotesque Nonsense, I was looking forward to reading, died on March 16th.  She had suffered from Parkinsons.  James Fujii wrote this about her on H-NET: After a long bout with illness, Miriam Rom Silverberg passed away in the early hours of Sunday, March 16, 2008. Miriam spent her formative […]

Tibet Intifada?


In light of the recent news coming out of Tibet, Time magazine raised the question of whether we were witnessing the beginning of a Tibetan intifada. The real question is the same one that African-Americans faced as the protests of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. met with initial failure in the US South, that […]

Over the weekend, I went to the Shinjo Ito show, which is traveling from Japan and currently on view at Milk Gallery in Chelsea. You can find info on the exhibit here. I had seen the posters in subway stations, a golden Buddha shining in the darkness of the dank New York subway and was […]