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I saw Beirut and the Fifth Veil play at the Masonic Temple in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn on the 20th. I was just as excited to see the building as I was to see the band when I went. I had seen the outside of the building many times, but had never been inside.  From the […]

I picked up the hardcover book Japan Crafts Sourcebooks from the “Artists and Fleas” market in Williamsburg on Saturday the 29th. It was only $10 although it was listed at $40 on the inside cover, and even has only used copies for $26 or so. The book was produced by the Japan Crafts Forum […]

Poem by my good friend Ms. Arisa Kubo (ありさ久保), also a member of Colette Columbirch ’06 5/20 ゴミ箱の隙間 抜け道 駆け足 汚れないように 覗く青と白 光の残像 複雑な理想をコラージュ頼りに 時を急ぐ それは何だったっけ? 結局何だったっけ? 愛情も欲情も感情もカタチになって転がってた つまずいた心に 降りそそぐ心 変えられないモノがそこにはあって 泣き笑う私に 降りそそぐ太陽 変わっているモノがあるのを知った Colette Columbirch Poster (by Robert Enders.) _________ ’06 5/20 A crack in the garbage can a way out rushing so as not to get stained […]

Thomas Merton and Kenneth Rexroth. Morgan Gibson and Charles Olson. While reading 39 Microlectures by Goulish, I came across the name of Thomas Merton. I didn’t know anything about him, so I looked him up in Wikipedia. He was a famous theologian who died accidently in 1968 by electrocution on a poorly grounded fan in […]

39 Microlectures I went to the library to get a Kazan book, but they didn’t have it, so I grabbed 39 Microlectures: In Proximity of Performance by Matthew Goulish. He was a founding member of the Goat Island Performance Group, an avant-garde theater company founded in 1987 and has toured internationally. The book is hard […]

Donald Keene at Harvard, 1947 (Copyright Keene Center, Columbia) The recent passing of Edward Seidensticker marked the beginning of dusk for a remarkably important chapter in the history of the study of Japan. This storied group of postwar, scholars helped to shape the Japanese canon in the Western world and lay the framework for research […]

Donald Richie wrote a review in the Japan Times about a book by Sarah Chaplin on love hotels. This is well-trodden ground, with photography monographs by Misty Keasler also recently released, recording the fantasical interiors and strange practices of the Japanese. An academic critique might attack such works as pandering to readers with an “orientalist” […]

  “Boxing with the Dual Structure”  Born in Tokyo, 1924, Kobo Abe grew up in the Japanese colony of Manchuria. In 1948, he received a medical degree from Tokyo Imperial University, but instead, went on to become one of Japan’s best known modern novelists. His novel The Box Man (originally published as 箱男, 1973), one of […]