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Scan of Japanese menu courtesy and Google image search. has a funny article (with pic and video) of the new winter special pizza by Domino’s in Japan. Although some were commenting on how gross it looked, I got used to strange Japanese pizza (tuna, mayonaise, and corn) and came to love it. Now, […]

I saw Beirut and the Fifth Veil play at the Masonic Temple in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn on the 20th. I was just as excited to see the building as I was to see the band when I went. I had seen the outside of the building many times, but had never been inside.  From the […]

Another report in a series about strange, beautiful, interesting events witnessed by your heroic author, on the subway of New York City.   On the trainride to work today, another sighting of the strange and weird. Also known as “why I love NYC”. I got on the G train and somewhere, maybe Metropolitan Ave., this […]

Jackson of Grand Buffet, together with his partner Ann Everton, is doing some crazy, wild, very fun apocalyptic-themed art with Masonic-style motifs here at their blog, “Endtimes Cookbook”. Masonic symbolism in art. Speaking of which, there’s an amazingly beautiful Masonic Temple near me in Brooklyn, and I just bought tickets to go see Beirut perform […]

N.Y. and N.O.


Artists Catherine Colman and Angela Pablo are commemorating the flooding of New Orleans two years ago with a project in Williamsburg that seeks to draw attention to the similarities between neighborhoods in NY and NO. They will be giving a walking tour and traveling around Williamsburg, affixing FEMA-like stickers that designate areas of the Brooklyn […]

Text and Space


I received in the mail at work, the Alfred Kazin book A Walker in the City. It’s a great paperback edition from 1958, with illustrations throughout by Marvin Bileck. I got interested in the book after reading a recent story in the New York Times by Nicole Krauss about walking. I went to the New […]