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Tibet Intifada?


In light of the recent news coming out of Tibet, Time magazine raised the question of whether we were witnessing the beginning of a Tibetan intifada. The real question is the same one that African-Americans faced as the protests of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. met with initial failure in the US South, that […]

There was a very good post at about the recent rejection by Chinese authorities of a planned visit by the USS Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong. The ship was scheduled to visit the port for Thanksgiving and crew members’ families had already arrived to celebrate when Chinese authorities rejected the ship’s request for port.  […]

Victor Cha Victor Cha gave a talk at Columbia on the 26th in the President’s Room of Faculty House. His talk was a defense of the Bush administration policy. He was formerly Director of East Asian Affairs at the National Security Council and worked closely with Christopher Hill on North Korean negotiations and other Asian […]

Interesting article on Reuters about remarks Giuliani gave in London, proposing an expansion of NATO not based on geography, but instead, “basic standards of good governance, military readiness (and) global responsibility.” The countries he recommended were, of course, staunch US allies and one or so potential, up-and-coming allies. They include Australia, India, Israel, Japan, and […]

Zhang Huan’s raw beef suit from his “My New York” performance. The talented, multi-media Chinese artist Zhang Huan is having a solo show at Asia Society this month. It is the first-ever museum retrospective of his work. You can see Holland Cotter’s review from the New York Times here. The artist himself will be at […]

China’s Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan Kyodo News reported that China’s Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan, pictured above, toured the Maritime Self Defense Force destroyer “Takanami” during a visit to a base in Yokosuka on Aug. 31 as part of a five-day trip to Japan.  Cao is the first Chinese defense minister to visit Japan since February […]