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Kogyaru Moms?!


Typical gyarus in Shibuya. An interesting article in the Japan Times writes about what happens to kogyaru (or sometimes kogal) after the party ends– basically when they become mothers.  Not surprisingly, the picture isn’t pretty. If you’re wondering what a kogyaru is, see this Wikipedia article exhaustively discussing this interesting Japanese subculture.  You can also […]

Cool Biz


In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, Sebastian Moffett reports from Tokyo about Cool Biz. He says that Japan’s major banks are getting serious about the program and are implementing more casual business attire in an effort to reduce Japan’s greenhouse emissions and reduce energy usage. The Japanese government estimates that if all offices raised their air […]

Eri Utsugi


Wig by Eri Utsugi for the upcoming Tokyo Fashion Week. (Reuters Photo) Eri Utsugi, whose blog is here, will be participating in Tokyo’s upcoming Fashion Week. She has attracted a lot of attention in the last few years for her “cute and quirky” designs featuring animal-shaped afro wigs and other whimsical designs. Her well-received debut […]