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Scan of Japanese menu courtesy and Google image search. has a funny article (with pic and video) of the new winter special pizza by Domino’s in Japan. Although some were commenting on how gross it looked, I got used to strange Japanese pizza (tuna, mayonaise, and corn) and came to love it. Now, […]

Similar but not exactly what I drank at Tafu’s. On lunch break, I went to TAFU/NY a new maccha cafe on East 51st between Lexington and 3rd. It just opened September 21st. The family has been in the tea making/selling/buying business for over 150 years supposedly, in Japan and also China. They sell premium teas […]

An article in the Japan Times says that McDonald is trying to join the successful ranks of Starbucks, Doutur, Seattle’s Best, and other cafe chains with the launch of 15 new “McCafe” stores in Japan.  Anyone tried it?