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Miriam Silverberg, whose new book,  Erotic Grotesque Nonsense, I was looking forward to reading, died on March 16th.  She had suffered from Parkinsons.  James Fujii wrote this about her on H-NET: After a long bout with illness, Miriam Rom Silverberg passed away in the early hours of Sunday, March 16, 2008. Miriam spent her formative […]

Tibet Intifada?


In light of the recent news coming out of Tibet, Time magazine raised the question of whether we were witnessing the beginning of a Tibetan intifada. The real question is the same one that African-Americans faced as the protests of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. met with initial failure in the US South, that […]

Over the weekend, I went to the Shinjo Ito show, which is traveling from Japan and currently on view at Milk Gallery in Chelsea. You can find info on the exhibit here. I had seen the posters in subway stations, a golden Buddha shining in the darkness of the dank New York subway and was […]

My favorite holiday, Halloween, is fast approaching and I’m working on my costume this year. It will be modeled on a Japanese idea for evading criminals which I read about in the New York Times– I’ll be a Japanese vending machine! But I digress… People often ask do Japanese celebrate Halloween? No. But it is […]

I picked up the hardcover book Japan Crafts Sourcebooks from the “Artists and Fleas” market in Williamsburg on Saturday the 29th. It was only $10 although it was listed at $40 on the inside cover, and even has only used copies for $26 or so. The book was produced by the Japan Crafts Forum […]

Victor Cha Victor Cha gave a talk at Columbia on the 26th in the President’s Room of Faculty House. His talk was a defense of the Bush administration policy. He was formerly Director of East Asian Affairs at the National Security Council and worked closely with Christopher Hill on North Korean negotiations and other Asian […]

I downloaded from Emusic last night, some Paul Robeson songs. A theater down the street from me in Clinton Hill is named after him, and a recent blogger from my hood writes about it briefly. I’ve never been inside, but has pictures of the inside of the historic church turned theather. I had never […]

The Watarium


I’m excited to visit Japan this fall again after an absence of two years. I’ll visit friends in Tokyo, Osaka, and maybe Beppu. Before that I’ll stop in Beijing to visit a friend. The Watarium in Tokyo. In Tokyo, I’m excited to see the Watarium Museum. It’s a contemporary art museum in Japan. Now they’re […]

My friend Zac and I just finished translating a 1968 film by the Japanese mod band, The Spiders called “Go Forward!” (「大進撃」). Nikkatsu Studio produced the movie, the same studio where Seijun Suzuki, Shohei Imamura, and actor Tomio Aoki worked. The film was vaguely modeled after “Help!” style band movies, but throws into the mix […]

Crown from the Asuka Era Accessories exhibit. The Asahi Shimbun reported in a small article that the Kashihara Archaeological Research Center Museum of Ikaruga Town, Nara Prefecture will host an exhibit of ancient accessories unearthed from the Fuji-no-Ki kofun tomb. The tomb was discovered untouched in 1988 and dated from the Asuka Period (approx. 538 […]