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Kogyaru Moms?!


Typical gyarus in Shibuya. An interesting article in the Japan Times writes about what happens to kogyaru (or sometimes kogal) after the party ends– basically when they become mothers.  Not surprisingly, the picture isn’t pretty. If you’re wondering what a kogyaru is, see this Wikipedia article exhaustively discussing this interesting Japanese subculture.  You can also […] had this news video about a 5 year old boy who killed a 445lb. bear while hunting with his grandfather.  And no, not with his bare hands as I had hoped, but with, of course, a gun. Yeehaw!  Nothing says “fun” like killing animals with your grandson and teaching him to be a man…  […]

Cool Biz


In Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal, Sebastian Moffett reports from Tokyo about Cool Biz. He says that Japan’s major banks are getting serious about the program and are implementing more casual business attire in an effort to reduce Japan’s greenhouse emissions and reduce energy usage. The Japanese government estimates that if all offices raised their air […]

An article in the Japan Times says that McDonald is trying to join the successful ranks of Starbucks, Doutur, Seattle’s Best, and other cafe chains with the launch of 15 new “McCafe” stores in Japan.  Anyone tried it?

A giant, 200 yard-long, spider web discovered  near Wills Point, Texas in the Lake Tawakoni State Park is drawing the attention of entomologists. Apparently the web was built communally by spiders and is trapping millions of mosquitos.  So no giant, 1950s-era horror-movie-sized spiders here apparently.  More on the story here.

The Asahi Shimbun online had an interesting article about a maid salon in Fukuoka. The beautician dresses in a maid outfit and greets the guests, who are no surprise mostly men in their 20s to 40s, with “Welcome home master!”. “How would you like your hair today sir?” A Western reader may see this as […]

This is according to the Mainichi Shimbun: “Whale watching tourists encountered hunters in waters off northern Japan and witnessed the bloody killing of a Baird’s Beaked Whale, a report said Saturday. Some 20 tourists on board the whale-watching ship Evergreen, some of them foreigners, witnessed the hunt Friday morning off the eastern coast of Hokkaido […]

Illustration based on Plato’s description of Atlantis. Numerous stories in the past have reported on what appear to be ruins of a submerged city in the Okinawan island chain. Reuters dredges up more news about it in an interview with Professor Masaaki Kimura of Ryukyu University. The video footage and shots of the ruins weren’t […]



Japanese scientists at Sony have developed a battery which produces electricity from sugars, the same way living organisms do. This seems to be an incredible breakthrough. I wonder about how much more revolutionary this type of battery could be if they managed to boost the output. The potential applications are enormous, and the environmental benefits […]

Amazing news.  I’d also say this may qualify as a piece of performance art:   It was Couch’s second flight. In September, he got off the ground for six hours. He used a BB gun to pop the balloons, but he went into a rapid descent and eventually parachuted to safety. This time, he was […]