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Over the weekend, I went to the Shinjo Ito show, which is traveling from Japan and currently on view at Milk Gallery in Chelsea. You can find info on the exhibit here. I had seen the posters in subway stations, a golden Buddha shining in the darkness of the dank New York subway and was […]

Scan of Japanese menu courtesy and Google image search. has a funny article (with pic and video) of the new winter special pizza by Domino’s in Japan. Although some were commenting on how gross it looked, I got used to strange Japanese pizza (tuna, mayonaise, and corn) and came to love it. Now, […]

Muji in NYC!


Muji’s famous “cardboard” speakers. Japanese design superstore Muji, following in the footsteps of UNIQLO, finally opened its first US store in New York City, right on Broadway in Soho. Before you could only buy crappy and overpriced stationery in the basement of the Soho MOMA Design Store, and despite Muji having stores in other countries […]

No Impact Man


I found an interesting article here about NoImpactMan, or Mr. Beavan, who I first saw on Goodmorning America.  His reception on the program was snickering, when he was describing his lifestyle.  Mr. Beavan and his family are currently trying to live one year in Manhattan leaving as light an environmental impact as possible. This involved […]

Aya Uekawa’s uniquely stylized figurative paintings were a highlight of the show. (courtesy Aya Uekawa) I went last week to the newly open exhibit at Japan Society entitled “Making a Home: Japanese Contemporary Artists in New York”. The last two exhibits I had seen at Japan Society were both amazing: Murakami’s “Little Boy: The Arts […]

Similar but not exactly what I drank at Tafu’s. On lunch break, I went to TAFU/NY a new maccha cafe on East 51st between Lexington and 3rd. It just opened September 21st. The family has been in the tea making/selling/buying business for over 150 years supposedly, in Japan and also China. They sell premium teas […]

One of the lighter moments of Ahmadinejad’s empty speech was when he said there were no gays in Iran. People laughed at first, thinking he was joking, but when they realized he was serious the mood changed. Here’s why he said that: Otherwise, the speech was pretty much what I expected it to be: […]

Iran’s Ahmadinejad. The news is abuzz with anticipation of Ahmadinejad’s speech today at Columbia. As a Columbia alum, I had very personal feelings towards hearing the news that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad would be speaking at Columbia. Some Democratic critics of the administration (I am a Democrat by the way) say that the US must talk […]

On Saturday, I went with my friend O. to see art galleries in Chelsea. I particularly wanted to check out Kohei Yoshiyuki’s exhibit at the Yossi Milo Gallery. It featured nightime photos from the 1970s that he’d taken in Tokyo parks using infrared film to record the crazy sex acts that took place there. Although […]

I saw on Saturday at the 38th St., Herald Square Station, a group of people gathered around and watching a performance.  “I’m Bad” was playing in the background, and I looked, but couldn’t find the Michael Jackson impersonator anywhere.  Then I looked down and saw him.  He was a midget Michael Jackson, a mini-Michael.