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A Japanese Destroyer, the Kongou, successfully destroyed a missile in space from a testing ground off Hawaii on the 17th, during a test of antiballistic systems jointly conducted with the US. It’s the first time a US ally has used the technology to destroy a missle and marks a major step forward for the US […] had this news video about a 5 year old boy who killed a 445lb. bear while hunting with his grandfather.  And no, not with his bare hands as I had hoped, but with, of course, a gun. Yeehaw!  Nothing says “fun” like killing animals with your grandson and teaching him to be a man…  […]

Japan began a program on November 15th of fingerprinting and photographing all foreign visitors to Japan, including foreign residents of Japan, every time they enter the country. The measures were enacted supposedly for anti-terrorism reasons, but the New York Times writes that the decision could affect businesses if  companies find the regulations prohibitive and businessmen […]

There was a very good post at about the recent rejection by Chinese authorities of a planned visit by the USS Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong. The ship was scheduled to visit the port for Thanksgiving and crew members’ families had already arrived to celebrate when Chinese authorities rejected the ship’s request for port.  […]

One of the lighter moments of Ahmadinejad’s empty speech was when he said there were no gays in Iran. People laughed at first, thinking he was joking, but when they realized he was serious the mood changed. Here’s why he said that: Otherwise, the speech was pretty much what I expected it to be: […]

Iran’s Ahmadinejad. The news is abuzz with anticipation of Ahmadinejad’s speech today at Columbia. As a Columbia alum, I had very personal feelings towards hearing the news that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad would be speaking at Columbia. Some Democratic critics of the administration (I am a Democrat by the way) say that the US must talk […]

Interesting article on Reuters about remarks Giuliani gave in London, proposing an expansion of NATO not based on geography, but instead, “basic standards of good governance, military readiness (and) global responsibility.” The countries he recommended were, of course, staunch US allies and one or so potential, up-and-coming allies. They include Australia, India, Israel, Japan, and […]

Prof. Gerald Curtis of Columbia spoke at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute on the 13th concerning Japan post-Abe and the future of the LDP. What follows is a summary. __________________ HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SPEECH/DISCUSSION: The following are paraphrased highlights from the speaker’s speech and the following question and answer period. After a brief introduction from […]

Abe resigns in Japan (The Guardian). Japanese Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo resigned in Japan on the 11th. This followed shortly after he threatened to resign if the Diet failed to reauthorize a bill allowing Japan’s Self Defense Forces to continue refueling efforts in the Indian Ocean, an important help in the war on terror. The […]

John Bolton was in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, August 31st, complaining again about the US negotiations with North Korea over the nuclear shutdown.  He said that the US was conceding too much by offering to take North Korea off the list of state sponsors of terror in exchange for a shutdown.  He also […]