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A Japanese Destroyer, the Kongou, successfully destroyed a missile in space from a testing ground off Hawaii on the 17th, during a test of antiballistic systems jointly conducted with the US. It’s the first time a US ally has used the technology to destroy a missle and marks a major step forward for the US […]

Victor Cha Victor Cha gave a talk at Columbia on the 26th in the President’s Room of Faculty House. His talk was a defense of the Bush administration policy. He was formerly Director of East Asian Affairs at the National Security Council and worked closely with Christopher Hill on North Korean negotiations and other Asian […]

John Bolton was in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, August 31st, complaining again about the US negotiations with North Korea over the nuclear shutdown.  He said that the US was conceding too much by offering to take North Korea off the list of state sponsors of terror in exchange for a shutdown.  He also […]