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Victor Cha Victor Cha gave a talk at Columbia on the 26th in the President’s Room of Faculty House. His talk was a defense of the Bush administration policy. He was formerly Director of East Asian Affairs at the National Security Council and worked closely with Christopher Hill on North Korean negotiations and other Asian […]

One of the lighter moments of Ahmadinejad’s empty speech was when he said there were no gays in Iran. People laughed at first, thinking he was joking, but when they realized he was serious the mood changed. Here’s why he said that: Otherwise, the speech was pretty much what I expected it to be: […]

Iran’s Ahmadinejad. The news is abuzz with anticipation of Ahmadinejad’s speech today at Columbia. As a Columbia alum, I had very personal feelings towards hearing the news that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad would be speaking at Columbia. Some Democratic critics of the administration (I am a Democrat by the way) say that the US must talk […]

Interesting article on Reuters about remarks Giuliani gave in London, proposing an expansion of NATO not based on geography, but instead, “basic standards of good governance, military readiness (and) global responsibility.” The countries he recommended were, of course, staunch US allies and one or so potential, up-and-coming allies. They include Australia, India, Israel, Japan, and […]

Prof. Gerald Curtis of Columbia spoke at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute on the 13th concerning Japan post-Abe and the future of the LDP. What follows is a summary. __________________ HIGHLIGHTS OF THE SPEECH/DISCUSSION: The following are paraphrased highlights from the speaker’s speech and the following question and answer period. After a brief introduction from […]

I downloaded from Emusic last night, some Paul Robeson songs. A theater down the street from me in Clinton Hill is named after him, and a recent blogger from my hood writes about it briefly. I’ve never been inside, but has pictures of the inside of the historic church turned theather. I had never […]

John Bolton was in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, August 31st, complaining again about the US negotiations with North Korea over the nuclear shutdown.  He said that the US was conceding too much by offering to take North Korea off the list of state sponsors of terror in exchange for a shutdown.  He also […]

Daniel Henninger of the WSJ recently wrote about Robert Putnam in an op-ed called “The Death of Diversity”. Robert Putnam is the author of Bowling Alone which traced dropping levels of social interaction and democratic/community participation, for instance, the demise of bowling league in towns, to the increase in personal TV sets. He theorized that […]