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My favorite holiday, Halloween, is fast approaching and I’m working on my costume this year. It will be modeled on a Japanese idea for evading criminals which I read about in the New York Times– I’ll be a Japanese vending machine! But I digress… People often ask do Japanese celebrate Halloween? No. But it is […]

I saw on Saturday at the 38th St., Herald Square Station, a group of people gathered around and watching a performance.  “I’m Bad” was playing in the background, and I looked, but couldn’t find the Michael Jackson impersonator anywhere.  Then I looked down and saw him.  He was a midget Michael Jackson, a mini-Michael.

Another report in a series about strange, beautiful, interesting events witnessed by your heroic author, on the subway of New York City.   On the trainride to work today, another sighting of the strange and weird. Also known as “why I love NYC”. I got on the G train and somewhere, maybe Metropolitan Ave., this […]