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John Nathan John Nathan will be speaking at Japan Society in New York City soon, promoting his new book. I found this old video featuring John Nathan on the Charlie Rose program. The video was from 2004, and celebrated the 150 year anniversary since Commodore Perry landed in Japan, forcing it open. Ian Buruma appears […]

A Japanese Destroyer, the Kongou, successfully destroyed a missile in space from a testing ground off Hawaii on the 17th, during a test of antiballistic systems jointly conducted with the US. It’s the first time a US ally has used the technology to destroy a missle and marks a major step forward for the US […]

There was a very good post at about the recent rejection by Chinese authorities of a planned visit by the USS Kitty Hawk to Hong Kong. The ship was scheduled to visit the port for Thanksgiving and crew members’ families had already arrived to celebrate when Chinese authorities rejected the ship’s request for port.  […]

Victor Cha Victor Cha gave a talk at Columbia on the 26th in the President’s Room of Faculty House. His talk was a defense of the Bush administration policy. He was formerly Director of East Asian Affairs at the National Security Council and worked closely with Christopher Hill on North Korean negotiations and other Asian […]

One of the lighter moments of Ahmadinejad’s empty speech was when he said there were no gays in Iran. People laughed at first, thinking he was joking, but when they realized he was serious the mood changed. Here’s why he said that: Otherwise, the speech was pretty much what I expected it to be: […]

Iran’s Ahmadinejad. The news is abuzz with anticipation of Ahmadinejad’s speech today at Columbia. As a Columbia alum, I had very personal feelings towards hearing the news that Iran’s president Ahmadinejad would be speaking at Columbia. Some Democratic critics of the administration (I am a Democrat by the way) say that the US must talk […]

A giant, 200 yard-long, spider web discovered  near Wills Point, Texas in the Lake Tawakoni State Park is drawing the attention of entomologists. Apparently the web was built communally by spiders and is trapping millions of mosquitos.  So no giant, 1950s-era horror-movie-sized spiders here apparently.  More on the story here.